Real Connections With your Social Circle

Combining real authentic connections with groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) & blockchain technology to let you customize your social circle the way you want and discover new friends that are the right fit.

Combining life-changing testimony with groundbreaking technology.

Holargram is The Next
Phase of Social Media

From sharing a workout with your friends to sharing an image of your favorite pet, HolARgram brings your content to life, literally, by letting you drop information into the real world. Every feature within HolARgram is designed with user experience in mind by promoting a creative environment separate from big tech while providing a cutting edge experience that puts you, the user in charge thanks to Web3 technologies.

NFT Content Curation System
– Profit without Ads

  • Turn original posts into a unique digital asset NFT
  • HolARgram’s innovative liking system allows users to pay creators for content using cryptocurrency (we call these Hollars, and it is as easy as liking a post)
  • Users will receive an ERC-20 token to represent their portion of the NFT – they can choose to resell this at any point.
  • Posts with the most likes/engagement will be promoted and elevated, giving users a meaningful impact on HolARgram’s culture.
  • Creators can select an organization they want to fund using profits from NFT posts, allowing users to directly support causes aligned with true social impact.
  • How is all of this possible? By integrating the cryptocurrency Carbon12 ($C12) focused on social impact.

Blockchain Based Backend

  • HolARgram uses a blockchain based backend to permanently and immutably store certain content.
  • This protects all content from being deleted or altered, creating a permanent storehouse for all content, especially content focused on good & social impact.
  • Users can “vote” on which NFT posts are immutably stored by giving that post a “Hollar”, so you not only curate content but protect content that matters to you.

COMING SOON: 3D Augmented Reality Recording – Volumetric Capture

  • HolARgram features a recording method that allows you to personally record 3D augmented reality content and view content in your physical environment.
  • Volumetric capture renders 3D models that look like holograms when they are displayed in the real world
  • Imagine interacting with content from across the globe and with your friends looking like they are standing in your living room!


Other social media platforms exploit user data to increase profits, leaving users with nothing to show for their loyalty to the platform.
HolARgram is created for the user and cultivated by the user.
HolARgram’s innovative liking system means users will tangibly contribute to curation. Content creators will reap the rewards of actual content ownership and creation, positively impacting their accounts and all other users.

Carbon 12 Cryptocurrency

Carbon12 is a cryptocurrency to fortify, unite, and expand the reach of Web3 projects having a positive social impact & adding value to all people. The revolutionary use cases for Carbon12 will establish a new method of decentralized transactions for people who value truth, freedom, and social impact.


GridIron is a revolutionary technological advancement that empowers users to buy and sell their computing power using the Carbon12 cryptocurrency. Users will have the power to decide how much they buy and sell CPU for . The user who needs computing power sends a request to the network, which will find users with available CPU for the desired price and automatically create a settlement between the involved parties. The network does all the work, so that users can make money just by having a device.